August Newsletter

Hello parent,

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter – where we give you all the latest goings on across Rob Smedley’s Electroheads Motorsport.

Electroheads Motorsport is Go…

Whilton Mill was the venue for the first two Electroheads launch events – and we were absolutely blown away by the turnout and support for our new, All Inclusive e-kart race programme.

A big thank you to all our drivers – some of whom are completely new to karting and some of who are experienced club competitors. Also to our partners Arrival who delivered some fantastic STEM sessions as well as Personal Electric Transport  who put on a great showcase of the latest range electro-mobility gadgets.

It was an eventful few days and was great to get up and running.

Let Your Journey Begin…

One of our key objectives with Electroheads is to make it possible for new people to come and get involved in motorsport and experience a full racing set-up without having to worry about either a significant up-front cost or significant knowledge that is normally required to be competitive.

A few of our Spark taster session customers got in touch with us afterwards to say that they’d never thought that proper race karting would be something they could get their kids into because they didn’t have enough knowledge or could justify the big initial costs – but now “they could see a way.”

That, along with 6-year-old Fully Charged bambino driver Charlie Wright who told us “I think this has been the best two days of my life” were definitely reasons to be cheerful.

Being open and honest though, not everything went entirely to plan. The driver fit process was more complex than it had been in our testing and as a result took a bit longer than planned.

Thankfully once we were out on the track, the response to the on-track performance of the Electroheads e-karts was clear. Pretty much every driver talked about how the acceleration and pick-up were more evident than their petrol counterparts.

A Championship – When it matters more

We had lots of questions about when we were going to get our Autumn Championship up and running. So to be honest, we are knee deep getting that sorted out – and hope to be able to announce the full Championship calendar in the next few weeks.

There is just one more event available prior to that Championship starting so it’s a great time for you Championship hopefuls to experience the full power and performance of our race e-karts. There are still seats available at our Rowrah event on August 17th+18th, in the beautiful Lake District landscape. It’s a brilliant time to get some space and sunshine (we hope) before this weirdly long school summer holiday comes to a close.