RACE REPORT: Winter Championship Round 2

Olivia Evans

Journalist | Salford University

The second round of this year’s winter championship began at Rye House with tricky conditions out on the track with rain pour all day. With a track full of drivers, the second round of the championship began.


In the first few practice rounds of the day the first Bambino group had a wet and speedy lap to warm up and practice for their next few heats of the day, their first Bambino practice ended with an amazing few laps from Ethan Lloyd racing with the fastest lap of 1:01.101 and William Robinson with the second fastest lap of 1:01.916.

To kick off the first practice round for the Cadets Group the rain was still coming down fast and the track was gathering water creating puddles along the track. The Cadets first practice round ended with Ilya Velicko

speeding round to complete the fastest lap of 1:00.683 and Thomas Merritt with the second fastest time of 1:00.968.​
After the second group of Cadets practice had finished Trevelyan Sansom raced to come out on top with the fastest lap with 1:01.009. The last round of practices ended with the Junior group. Rory O’regan had driven a great lap allowing him to take the fastest lap of 1:05.655 and Ivan Yankov coming back with the second fastest lap at 1:05.850 whilst the junior light group responded with James Kell completing a 1:06.960 lap to finish.


After the first four practices, the rain was still coming down onto the track. After a quick sweep of the track and a break in the rain, the qualifying sessions could take place. Thomas Merritt told us how he felt regarding the decision, “Obviously treaded tyres would be preferred but you have to do the best with what you have got”. The first Bambino group qualifying began with Ethan Lloyd once again speeding round to complete the fastest qualifying lap, the young karter crossed the line with a 59.537 alongside his fellow driver Thomas Rathbone coming in with the second fastest qualifying time of 59.934.

Once the Cadets got out onto track, the times were getting faster and the drivers were handling their karts with ease, the puddle filled track was not stopping them. During qualifying Aaryan Ehsan had been the fastest throughout his six laps however had his fastest lap deleted for a dropped nosecone, it allowed Thomas Merritt to grab the fastest lap time of 58.872 on his seventh lap and Ilya Velicko coming back with a close 58.994 on his ninth lap. Then came the Juniors to begin their qualifying sessions in the rain, the fastest driver came out to be Mikey Theo with a fantastic first lap resulting in him gaining the place with the fast lap of 1:05.434 with Tom Wainwright coming in with a close first lap allowing him to gain the second-place time of 1:05.917.

Following this round of qualifying the second group of Cadets arrived onto the track to fight for the fastest time. Starting off with the qualifying Alessandro Sarlas crossed finished his lap with the fastest time however this was later deleted, resulting in Cory Chapman to be rewarded with a speedy lap of 58.75 in his fourth lap. Only just taking away the top lap by 0.586 seconds, Trevelyan Sansom was awarded the second fastest lap with a very close 59.061 allowing each race to get more and more competitive and exciting for the spectators.

The Junior light qualifying then began with Logan Mcalister quickly knocking James Kell off the top by 0.370 seconds. Mcalister crossed the line of his sixth lap achieving a 1:02.093 and James Kell with a fantastic second time of 1:02.463. During the break I spoke to ten-year-old Cody Trace who told us their opinions and excitement for the race and told us how his kart felt, “My kart has been feeling pretty good, and could be better because for some reason we are only allowed slicks and not wets which I don’t think is right”.


After the quick break and each of the qualifying sessions had finished, the team began discussing changing the karts tyres to wets from slicks. Although it wasn’t forecast, the rain had started again and was heavier than ever, the team suggested they change the tyres.

Once the tyres had been changed and the drivers were happy with their karts the first bambino heat had begun. To start off the bambino heat, the drivers had great starts and great first laps, however once their tyres had worn and warmed up many of the drivers had begun to slow and steady themselves after spinning into the grass and into the barriers. After the last laps Ethan Lloyd yet again comes home with the win and a fastest timed lap of 59.004 after leading the heat for all 10 laps and pushing Lloyd up to a total of 50 championship points. During the heat, Samuel Kai Sultan had been given a penalty for overtaking under yellow flag resulting in the driver to cross the line in seventh.

The second heat then began with the Cadets and as the light was dimming and the rain still pouring there was one hairpin on turn four that was causing the drivers issues up and down the grid with many of the drivers spinning, crashing and causing many yellow flags making the race into a difficult but exciting race. After a great start, the rain began to cause some issues for the cadets. One driver Thomas Merritt was one of three drivers who had been in a small shunt during the race resulting in Merritt’s kart being lifted off its four tyres and had then fallen to P12. Cody Trace and Wyatt Mcalister had also been given penalties for a dropped nosecone. After a difficult and wet race Ilya Velicko crossed the line in top place with a lap of 51.103 however Warwick Mylum coming back with the fastest lap of 51.103.

The third round of heats was one for the Juniors, and race filled with drivers getting penalties, however the race was as exciting and as speedy as ever. One driver Benjamin Amorim-Draper had received three separate penalties over the twelve laps around Rye House. The young driver was given his first penalty due to a dropped nosecone which dropped him down two positions, three more positions were taken after the driver was penalised for overtaking under yellow or quarter flag and finally three more places were taken after the driver had gained an advantage by use of contact pushing the driver from P3 down to P10.

This meant he had work to do in his final! Tom Wainwright achieved the fasted lap throughout the twelve laps with a speedy 52.136 on his fifth lap and Rory O’Regan coming back across the line in first. Jensen Davies was another driver who had been given a two-place penalty resulting the driver to fall to ninth from seventh place after a dropped nosecone.

The Fourth heat was a great race with Myles Harrison leading the race for most laps, many of the drivers finished in their starting positions and had not moved up and down the grid as much as many of the previous races had. Rory Hinckley was the only driver to be given a penalty during this heat, the driver had been given a two-place penalty to take him from fifth place down to seventh due to a dropped nosecone. Myles Harrison crossed the finish line with both the top place and the fastest lap of 52.318 on his sixth lap across the twelve laps. The fifth race was then the final heat of the day, the second cadet group was slightly delayed throughout the day which had meant the finals would be taking place in dark and still wet conditions. Edward Davies Jones lead the race starting in P1 and after a wet but amazing race finishing back in P1, the young driver also came home with the fastest lap of this heat with a quick 55.232 with Carter Inskip-Clarkson 9.624 second behind. During this race the drivers were switching positions up and down the grid making the race as exciting as ever over the eleven laps.


The first bambino group began with a great start form Ethan Lloyd however not soon after driver Thomas Rathbone came back to get the win. Rathbone had proved to be the fastest by a long way after achieving the fastest lap of 1:00.552. Only one driver William Robinson received a race penalty within the race after a jumped start, pushing him down from fifth place to seventh.

The second round of the finals was the first cadet group. After a wet and slippery twelve laps Archie Loveridge was given the win after jumping up to first place from third. The driver drove an excellent race to bring home the win. Cody Trace was awarded the fastest lap of 52.951 however was given a three-place penalty after he gained an advantage by use of contact which resulted in the driver dropping down from fifth place to seventh place.

The next race was the final for the juniors, the two drivers that stood out to the crowd were both Rory O’Regan and Mikey Theo who had battled for first position throughout the quick twelve laps. O’Regan had been given the fastest lap with an incredible fifth lap of 51.790, ahead of Theo by 6.549 seconds. O’Regan later came home to get both the fastest lap and the race win. The grid moved around towards the back after both leading drivers were ahead by 18.517 seconds. Two drivers Daniel Knight and Tom Wainwright had both been penalised resulting in a final mix up of the finishing grid. Knight had been penalised by two positions after a dropped nosecone meaning the driver dropped down to tenth place from eighth place. Wainwright was later penalised for gaining a lasting advantage by use of contact meaning the driver had been given a three-place penalty moving him from third place down to sixth.

The junior light finals group then came back out after a long day, the last twelve laps for the juniors provided an entertaining race with a flooding racetrack and karts moving around the tarmac. Each driver raced incredibly with four drivers of seven finishing their race in the same positions as they began. Myles Harrison was awarded the first position and lead the race with a quick 51.539 however second place driver James Kell was awarded the fastest lap of 51.416. Jose Gabriel Castro was the one driver who had been given a penalty due to a dropped nosecone, this then resulted in the driver being dropped down two grid places resulting in the driver dropping from fourth place to sixth.

Onto the second group of cadets. After a great first heat only eleven drivers started due to a DNS from Aaryan Ehsan, Edward Davies Jones started his final race in first place however after a great race Carter Inskip-Clarkson had overtaken Davies Jones to gain the lead and finally finish in first position allowing the driver to gain twenty-five points to add to the championship. After being overtaken by Carter Inskip-Clarkson, Edward Davies Jones was awarded the fastest lap of 53.626 in his ninth lap after finishing just 1.674 seconds behind the leader. Jaiden Solo had been the only driver to receive a penalty during this final race after being given a two-place penalty for a dropped nosecone moving the driver down from sixth to eighth place however was given an extra three place penalty after he had gained an advantage by use of contact resulting in the driver dropping down to eleventh.

championship standings

After the second round of the championships and the championship points have been added up over the different heats and finals, the leader boards have updated. Ethan Lloyd has had a great start in the running’s for the bambino championship leading with 174 points after leading in the first practice, qualifying, the first group of heats as well as winning the final race, after this round it seems that Ethan Lloyd is the bambino karter to watch this season. The Cadet karter to watch is driver Archie Loveridge with a huge 172 points, after competing in the second group of cadet practice’s the driver had a great start after moving up six positions

making him finish in third place. Archie then had a great qualifying after crossing the line in sixth place with a great time of 1:00.720 and coming in third after gaining seventh place in the heat before the big final race. Archie then rounded up his second round of the championship after bringing home the win to help him to the top of the championship board.

The Junior category is looking close with junior driver Tom Wainwright with 159 points and Ivan Yankov with a close 142 points. Tom showed us his great driving after he came in third in the juniors first practice, then coming back with a great qualifying after coming in second with a great time of 1:05.917 only 0.483 seconds behind Mikey Theo who came home in first. Wainwright then came back to get third in the championship heat as well as achieving the fastest lap with a great time of 52.136 seconds. The driver then ended the second-round finishing sixth after having an unfortunate collision during the race.

The next set of leading championship points was for the lightweight junior driver Myles Harrison with a great 172 points. Myles had a good start to the second round after coming in fourth in their first practice as well as coming in third with a great qualifying ending in thirds with a lap time of 1:04.601 Myles then had an incredible heat race after winning the heat with a fastest lap of 52.318 seconds and finally to finish the second round with a great final race after coming home with a first place win and a speedy 51.416 seconds just 0.123 seconds away from getting the fastest lap.

After a wet day for the second round of the Championship, the drivers raced incredibly and made for a great day for all, we hope to have a great next few rounds and have an incredible remainder of the winter championship.

Olivia Evans

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