Race Report: 2023 Southern Championship


The TKZ Southern Championship visited Lydd at the weekend, and we had some exceptional racing throughout the day, which benefitted from warm sunshine and a light breeze.


In the Pre-Final Ahriv Jarush led from pole and battled with Jenson Quy in the early laps, swapping places twice, but managed to hold on to the win. Meanwhile, Samuel Kai Sultan and Xavier Ramsey were battling over 3rd place, Samuel taking the place by the flag. In the Final, Ahriv led for the first 3 laps, but dropped to 3rd when both Xavier and Samuel got past, Xavier having come up from 4th to lead the race. However, Samuel got past him and held on for 2 laps before Xavier moved back up on lap 6 to take the win. In the last few laps, Samual dropped away and Ahriv moved up to 2nd with Jenson 3rd at the flag.


Archie Loveridge led from start to finish, with Margiris Koveckis 2nd and Warwick Mylum 3rd - none of them altering position throughout. However, there was plenty of action behind them. Off the line, Cody Trace dropped from 4th to 8th but battled his way back through the field to finish 4th, getting past Fawaz Adra 2 laps from the end, with Ethan Critchley taking a well-deserved 6th having squeezed past Jake Matthews. Archie and Margris were nose to tail the whole race, swapping places at least twice. However, the battle was slowing them up. By the closing stages Cody, having despatched Warwick for 3rd on lap 3, had caught them up and was clearly figuring out his options. As they all went down the back straight towards the last corner (a double apex right-hander) on the final lap, Margiris slipstreamed Archie and got alongside, ready to take the inside line. However, Cody had managed to get a great tow from both of them and placed himself on the inside of Margiris as they went into the first apex. The harsh reality is that 3 karts into that corner is unlikely to work. There was contact and both Margiris and Cody went off, while Archie managed to avoid them both and take the win. The accident promoted Warwick up to 2nd and Fawaz up to 3rd in the final results after solid drives from both of them.


Mikey Brisenden took an easy win, leading from lights to the flag. Meanwhile, Thomas Merritt and Max Winfield were inches apart for the whole race, battling over 2nd and even swapping places 3 times on one lap mid race. Thomas managed to keep hold of 2nd at the flag, while Abdur Rehmaan Shaikh was 4th with Sienna Greene 5th.

Mikey led from pole and was again undisturbed by the two drivers battling over 2nd, cruising his way to the flag to take an excellent win. Behind him, Thomas and Max were at it again, battling nose to tail the whole race. As they went into the final corner on the final lap, Max, benefitting from the slipstream, made his move up the inside of Thomas. As they went into the first half of the corner side by side, it looked like Max had the win. But Thomas had other ideas and hung on bravely round the outside, still side by side. On the exit, Max behaved impeccably and gave Thomas road rather than running wide. However, this cost him momentum and Thomas, with a wider line out, had more of it. As they crossed the line, still side by side, there was less than a tenth between them, with Thomas just a few inches ahead for 2nd position. Abdur and Sienna held their grid positions and kept it on the tarmac in their first TKZ event to finish 4th and 5th respectively.


William Sparrow and Joao Gabriel Castro initially had a great battle over the lead, William eventually taking the win as Joao dropped away to 4th on lap 11. This promoted Finley Dunleavy up to 2nd and Daniel Knight to 3rd.

William led from start to finish, with Joao taking an excellent 2nd from 4th on the grid, the two places having been gained on lap one. Daniel Knight held 3rd for half the race, then dropped to 5th as Finlay and a hard charging Ashley Eudo-Mitchell moved up, Ashley taking 3rd. Oliver Cunliffe and newcomer Paloma Jacoulot fought over 6th place, swapping places a couple of times before Oliver pulled away, and Ben Knight did a good job to make up two places to 7th place.

See all your standings on Alpha here and get in touch with Mark here, the photographer, for all your images from the weekend. Until then, we look forward to more close racing at Round 3 of the Southern Championship on 11th June at Shenington!

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