Race Report: 2023 Northern Championship



In the Pre-final Jayan Prakash and Joshua Adotey both made a good start from the front row and although Jayan tried a move into the 1st chicane, he bailed out of it. They stayed in close formation and 2 laps from the end, while overtaking a back marker, Jayan got past Joshua, only to go too hot into the following hairpin and lose the place back to Joshua, while Noah Myburgh followed them home in 3rd place and Jesse Scratchard came home 4th.

Jayan led off the line in the Final into the chicane but lost the place at the hairpin to Joshua, while Noah held 3rd with Jesse 4th. As the race progressed, the top two pulled a bit of a gap and Jayan moved into the lead with a move on the grid straight, benefitting from Joshua’s slower defensive line. But Joshua then drafted Jayan down the back straight and retook the place. Through the hairpin there was some contact, following which Jayan dutifully handed the place back to Joshua. Noah came home in 3rd as he did in the Pre-Final and Jesse was 4th​.


Cadet Pre-Final Cory Chapman took the win with Ethan (Junior) Hall 2nd and Archie Loveridge 3rd following an unenforced spin at the second hairpin. Cadet Final Cory Chapman led from lights to flag, while Junior and Archie battled for 2nd, swapping places twice on lap 1 before Junior fell away from the top two. With two laps to go, Archie was right with Cory, and tried two moves on the last lap - one at the bottom hairpin and another on the last corner. However, Cory managed to hold on a take the win.


Junior Light Pre-Final James Kell led from pole to the flag while Archie Hogan made a bad start from 2nd on the grid, dropping himself down to 4th. This promoted Myles Harrison into 2nd and Rory Hinkley into 3rd, positions they both held to the finish. Josh Carlin and Jan Zarobkiewics had a great battle over 5th place and Josh did well to hold off the hard charging Jan. Junior Light Final James led from pole but a spin at the 2nd hairpin dropped him down the field initially to 5th. Myles took up the lead with Rory in close formation, both pulling away from the rest of the pack, and it stayed that way to the flag, with James making his way back up to 3rd position.


Junior Pre-Final After a good clean 1st lap, polesitter Alfie Lambert started to pull away and held the lead to the finish. Behind him, Ethan Waters, Jake Anders and Max Davies were in close formation, battling for 2nd place, Max having moved up from 5th on the grid. In the latter stages, the top three were all back together, and Alfie did well to stay in front given the pressure he was under from the two drivers behind. Junior Final After one lap, poleman Alfie had dropped to 3rd behind Ethan and Jake, 1st and 2nd respectively, and the three of them pulled a gap to the rest of the field. Behind them Salvador Newman was all over the back of Max Davies and on lap 3 he managed to get past for 4th. The top three were nose to tail for the whole race, and two laps from home Alfie made a brave but clean move down the hill to retake the lead and managed to make it stick as they went through the corner. A lap later, Jake tried the same thing on Ethan for 2nd but it was a late attempt and Ethan saw him coming, taking a defensive line to block the move.

See all your standings on Alpha here and get in touch with Gavin here, the photographer, for all your images from the weekend. Until then, we look forward to more close racing at Round 4 of the Northern Championship on 6th of August at Hooton Park.

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