Race Report: 2023 Southern Championship

R4 @ Llandow

It was TKZ’s first visit to Llandow and the technical nature of the track provided some great racing, the hairpin at the end of the long straight providing an obvious place for overtaking lap after lap. The weather also played a part with a couple of downpours mid-afternoon just to make it extra tricky for the drivers, particularly for those with little wet weather experience. 


The results for the Bambino Pre-Final and Final mirrored each other with Xavier Ramsey taking both wins, William Robinson coming home 2nd, Samuel Kai Sultan 3rd and Daniel Genov 4th. However, there was drama on lap 1 in the Final when Xavier had a small slide coming out of the big right hander at the far end of the track and William caught the back of his kart, tipping William into a spin and dropping him to 3rd. However, by the end of lap 2 he had caught and passed Samuel for 2nd, while Xavier put on a dominant performance at the front, never to be caught.


After a clean start in the Pre-Final, the top 5 drivers broke away from the rest of the pack in the early stages. Archie Loveridge got past Warwick Mylum for the lead on lap 2 while David Cadar had a spin on lap 3 at the hairpin, dropping him out of 3rd to 9th. This promoted Zac Bell to 3rd where he stayed until the flag, having already past Cody Trace for 4th on the first tour. By half distance, Archie and Warwick had pulled away in their own private battle, Warwick grabbing the lead on lap 6. Then, two laps from the end the rain came down and the pace slowed as all the drivers navigated the tricky conditions. In the drag race up the long straight to the chequered flag, Archie just managed to take the win from Warwick by 8 /100th of a second. Later in the afternoon, the Cadet Finalists were first out after a much bigger downpour, so the track was very wet. Archie led from lights to flag after Warwick fell away in 2nd when he ran wide onto the straight and snagged the tyre wall, losing momentum and dropping several metres back. Zac dropped from 3rd to 9th on lap 1, promoting Cody into 3rd which he held until the flag. There was a lot of sideways action in the early stages as the drivers worked out the wet lines and Deno Rowlands deserves a special mention for making his way up from 9th on the grid to finish an excellent 4th at flag in such challenging conditions.

JUNIOR/Junior Lights

We had a mixed grid for the Juniors and Junior Lights, with Jacob Brown (JL) taking the win from pole in the Pre-Final and Max Winfield (JL) finishing 2nd from the 2nd spot on the grid. Joao Gabriel Castro (J) held 3rd as the first of the Juniors with Will Sparrow (J) close behind in 4th. With 3.5 minutes to go, we had a rain shower and the top four drivers closed up in the final stages as they battled for grip, but the order remained the same. For the Final, the track was still wet from the earlier downpour although dry patches were starting to appear, and poleman Jacob (JL) dropped down to 8th on lap one while Max (JL) went wide out of the big right hander, thereby promoting Joao (J) into the lead, which he held all the way to the flag. Midway through the race, Will (J) managed to sneak past Max (JL) for 2nd and Daniel Knight (4th) had a great race to finish 4th.

See all your standings on Alpha here. Until then, we look forward to more close racing at Round 4 of the Northern Championship on Sunday 22 of July at GYG Circuit.

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