What we've learnt from you (and how we've changed)

Adriana Dzalbe

Marketing & Sales Manager | Total Karting Motorsport

Last year we asked to hear from you with feedback on how you and your drivers are experiencing the series. We asked to hear your thoughts on a variety of our series from the atmosphere at events to the circuits we choose.

We’ve spent time analysing and understanding your feedback both in numbers and by reading your text responses. From this, we outlined four areas that you wanted to see changes in the most:

  1. Desire for more value-for-money
  2. Consistency in timing, marshalling, and ruling
  3. More track time at events
  4. Better communication from us

We’ve spent the run up to the 2023 Summer Championships working on these areas. So, what exactly have we done?

1. Value-for-Money

Slicker schedule and the continuing of single-day rounds!
We've worked hard on efficiencies in our operation to help us stay on schedule. These include improvements in how we manage seat fit, how we attach ballasts, staffing and setup. We will continue to bring with us a team of Mechanics and an Engineer, who are on-hand to resolve any damages or unexpected challenges. We have added to this a recovery member and pit lane manager that both help keep the event running.

following the success during the Winter Championship, we will also be continuing the one-day round format. This makes your race day a lower price, as well as eliminating the need for an extra night's hotel and eating out.

We still have some work to do to understand what different families class as value, so we will keep this area under observation and would love to hear your continued feedback here.

2. Consistency

Clarifications in the Sporting Regulations to eliminate uncertainties for Clerks and drivers, as well as utilising the same Clerk of the Course for all rounds.

We also now run the Alpha Timing system in-house, reducing our reliance on differing timing systems from circuits.

3. Track Time

The winter Championship has been successfully running increased track time (10min sessions) but we are investing in further research to understand how this could be done for the warmer summer days.

Saturday practices (optional) are condensed so you can complete your 4 sessions during the morning OR afternoon, rather than across the day.

4. Communication

More communication and better information during events via tannoy from a Pit Lane Manager and WhatsApp (trialing Alpha) for those who prefer it.

An improvement in the Joining Instructions makes information more concise and easier to understand, and clearly outlines any changes to your event.

We hope you're as excited to see these changes in action as we are and thank you for being a part of growing this series. It is only with your support that we can continue on our mission of bringing motorsport to more families.

See you on the 2023 Grid soon,
Adriana and Team Zero

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