About our SPARKS Programmes

What is SPARKS?

Drivers build their on-track experience, knowledge and confidence through an intensive day(s) course. The programme is split into SPARKS Lite and SPARKS X based on your drivers experience level. For drivers with no previous experience with driving, start with SPARK Lite then progress to SPARK X – upon successful completion, drivers will be ready to race competitively in our Championships!

What is included?

 Drivers will be provided with race suit, helmet, kart and race team – all you need to do is bring your aspiring driver! All lessons in both Lite and X are a combination of coaching, pit lane and track time at some of the best UK tracks.


The programme’s aim is to introduce new drivers to the sport, teaching the basics of operating and driving a kart safely.

In these sessions, we emphasise building confidence and having fun. The programme is split into 3 sessions, which adopt interactive methods of education to capture the children’s attention. Their knowledge is put to practice on track, at controlled speeds which are guided by our team.


The programme’s aim is to continue the development of drivers from the Sparks Lite programme or drivers that have some commercial basic driving experience, and wish to progress onto kart racing.

The programme again has 3 sections, which will go into more advanced knowledge of the essentials needed for racing competitively in electric karts on track.

Have a question or want more information?

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