Total Karting Zero Announces 2022 Local Championships

Adriana Dzalbe

Marketing and Sales Manager

The Arrive & Drive electric kart race series is making some changes to make e-kart racing ever more accessible. The Total Karting Zero 2022 season will feature a long awaited introduction to local championships, introducing the Total Karting Zero Northern and Southern Championships!

The two championships will feature some of the best tracks in each region, giving you the chance to reach more rounds within a championship, whilst saving on overall costs.

The two local championships will act as a feeder for a National Final at Rye House on the 22nd – 23rd October, with the top ten drivers from each class qualifying for this event. From 2023 onwards, we will introduce a multi-round National Championship, taking forward the qualifying drivers from the 2022 Local Championships.

Here’s a look at this year’s race calendar…

A date for bookings opening will be announced soon, after some exciting news on the e-karts! Keep your eyes out for this in the next few days, or sign up to the mailing list below to be one of the first to hear about the e-karts and the bookings open date.

As with the previous championships, we will be inviting special guests to some of the race weekends to carry out the group coaching to keep our drivers race skills developing and growing. In the lead up to the start of the season, you can look back at The Psychology of Racing series by Phill De Prez.


Yes you can do both championships to take the opportunity to visit tracks at both regions, and double your chances at qualifying for the National Final. You will accrue points in both championships separately.

No, points accrued in one championship will be allocated to that championship only. You cannot carry points between the championships.

You can choose to do as little or as many rounds as suit you but you will not receive points for any rounds not entered. You will receive points for rounds you do enter.

Yes, you can enter as many or as few rounds as you wish in either or both championships. However, you will accrue points for each championship separately, they cannot be combined.

Points will be accrued for each championship separately, meaning at the end of the championship there will be a North Champion and a South Champion.

For this season there will be a National Final at Rye House on the 22nd – 23rd October, a single race weekend to determine the National Champion for each class for 2022.
From 2023 we will introduce a multi-round National Championship.

The 10 highest scoring drivers from each championship, in each class, will qualify to race in the National Final for the Total Karting Zero 2022 National Champion title at Rye House on the 22nd – 23rd October.

The sporting regulations for the 2022 Championships will be released soon, including updates to grouping, weekend structure and the scoring system.

More information on available classes to be announced soon.

More information on the e-karts to be announced soon.

More information on when the bookings will open to be announced soon. Sign up to the mailing list below to be one of the first to hear.

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