Recapping Ivor Bourne's Coaching

Motivational speaker, Mindfulness coach and Young Driver Support, Ivor Bourne joined us at Stretton Circuit for our 4th round of the Summer Championship, to give our drivers some advice on how to succeed in this industry and to be the best racer they can.

Ivor has worked closely with Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 team during their championship winning year and has since been focusing on helping other individuals and business achieve their goals through Integra Support Partners. Ivor started from the bottom and built his way up to the top of our sport and is now on a journey to help others do the same in their field.

He gave us some great acronyms to help young drivers remember what it takes to be the best at what they do.

His acronyms for the day were TICKET and LEGACY.

The TICKET being: Trust, Integrity, Courage, Knowledge, Environment, Time. 

Image by CSUK: Ivor Bourne delivering group coaching during Total Karting Zero’s 2021 Summer Championship – Round 4 at Stretton Circuit.

The LEGACY is all about what your impact on society will be;

L is for Leaving a lasting impression,

E is for Energy and enthusiasm,

G is for going the extra mile,

C is for compassion and

Y is for you; Do You have a reason to do what you do?

He also spoke about the 3 R’s; Rejection, Resilience and Recovery and how this industry will impact each of those aspects.

It was great to have Ivor join us and share his knowledge and we hope that you and your little ones will find it useful in the future too!

Motivational speaker, mindfulness coach and driver support – Ivor Bourne has worked at the top of our sport and now is helping businesses and individuals to get the best of their goals with Integra Support Partners.