Dr. Phillip J. De Prez

Hi everyone, welcome to my first of a series of hints and tips on The Psychology of Racing. 

Through the following weeks I will look specifically at pre-race preparation, race strategies and post -race refection but to start with, it might be an idea to try to understand what Psychology is and how it can improve your racing. 

Racing Psychology is really about being mentally prepared and motivated to the right level and at the right time to perform at your best, not only as a ‘one off’ but to develop consistency across a whole championship (and racing career). Psychology is very important but only as important as many other aspects of racing for example, to win you need a Kart that handles well, goes well and stops well. In a way we are the same in that Psychology, nutrition and exercise are all important to be at our best. 

Here is a diagram from Paul Alex Condie which explains this more clearly:
If anyone has any questions please let me know, always happy to help. Good luck with the racing and I am looking forward to seeing everyone very soon.
Best wishes, Phill.
Phillip specialises in the Psychology of Human Performance with motorsport teams and individuals focusing on minimising error based behaviours, decision making and developing consistent successful behaviours. Along with his strong academic background, he has over 30 years experience of racing himself which he can use to help others reach their racing potential.